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Helping women create a minimalist business they love so they can make more impact in less time without sacrificing their sanity


I help overwhelmed women BUILD THEIR DREAM BUSINESS while protecting their time and peace of mind.

Because your business should support your best life, not take it over!

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My mission is to make your life easier so you can work less, live more and find joy in everything.

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Hi. Thanks for stopping by!

I’m Michelle and I think you’re probably a lot like me…

You love this beautiful life and you want to inspire hope, kindness and possibility through a business that brings joy, freedom and opportunity to your family.

You desire a life of simple pleasures, belly laughs, loved ones hugs and bucket list adventures.

You want to wake up smiling and feel calm, in control and courageous because your business is thriving.

Friend, that elusive dream life you’ve been clinging to amidst the frustration, overwhelm and discouragement is right around the corner.


What do you need today? 

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My business is taking over my life

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I don’t know what to focus on first

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My dreams are a little dusty