2 Quick Action Tips To Support Your Introversion In Your Business

2 Quick Action Tips To Support Your Introversion.png

Are you empowering your introversion in your business?

Are you utilising strategies that support your introversion so that you’re operating from strength, not struggle?


Sometimes we get so caught up in the rat race that we forget we can actually do things our own way if we want to. Here are 2 quick action tips you can implement right away to start supporting your introversion in your business:


#1 Give yourself permission to block out the noise and do it your way.

Introverts often feel a lot of pressure to take action in a way that they’re either not ready for or are uncomfortable with. Striving outside of your comfort zone for too long leads straight to overwhelm which leads straight to burnout. We don’t want this! We want joy. We want ease. We want growth. Sometimes you will be perfectly capable and comfortable to follow mainstream advice. Sometimes you may want to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. These decisions are personal and will change from situation to situation and from task to task. What’s important is that you only take these steps when it will benefit you and your business. If there’s something that pushes you too far into overwhelm, give yourself permission to find another way.



Each time you make a decision in your business, first ask yourself “Is this the best course of action for ME?” This only takes a minute and it empowers you to make the very best decisions. Maybe you’ll still take the mainstream, recommended action, but maybe every now and then you’ll find a way that works better for you. It’s just a matter of stopping and thinking long enough to allow yourself to choose with intention. This is what helps you welcome joy and ease into your business.


#2 Allow yourself recharge time.

A huge part of being an introvert is that you need some quiet, alone time after tasks that you find draining. Once you acknowledge and accept this you’re able to stop constantly hustling and actually take a few moments to recharge your energy. It doesn’t need to be long but when you take a small break and allow yourself to replenish your energy stores you actually promote productivity and you’ll feel more positive and confident too.



Look at your schedule and see if you can fit in 10 minutes to recharge after tasks that you find draining. Maybe you go outside, read a chapter of your book, pray, have a coffee. Choose something that makes you feel good and you’ll go back to work after your power break feeling energised and primed for success.


These 2 quick action tips are a really simple way to start supporting your introversion so that you spend more time operating in strength and less time feeling drained and stressed.


If you know you’re ready to conquer overwhelm and start achieving growth from a place of strength, ease and joy book a free discovery call to discuss the possibility of working together. I’d love to support you in achieving your goals comfortably and joyfully.


Wishing you ease and strength,

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Michelle Meunier