How To Prioritise Your Relationship When You're An Introvert Solopreneur

 How To Prioritise Your Relationship When You're An Introvert Solopreneur - 3 tips to maintain strong relationships and work life balance.

Starting a business is hard! It is time consuming, stressful and more often than not, completely overwhelming. There’s definitely a large dose of exciting thrown in there too but basically, starting and running your own business requires a complete commitment. Mind, body, spirit. We need to be all in. Add to the mix some introvert-hearted perfectionism and anxiety and you've got yourself an all consuming job. If we’re not careful this can take a major toll on other aspects of our lives. Particularly our relationship with our significant other.


Is your side hustle or business dream taking over your life?

I hear you. It’s hard. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. Time freedom and financial freedom are the goal but it takes a whole lot of work to get there. Balance is hard to come by. Particularly if you are running your business alone. All the balls are in your court and they require a whole lot of juggling.

Unfortunately, our close relationships can be the ones to suffer most. It’s much easier to become complacent about your relationship than it is to become complacent about your business.

Your business requires constant action and there are always deadlines. Our partners on the other hand, are always there. It’s very easy to just go with the flow, not realising that time spent on your business is time you probably used to spend with your partner. This loss of quality time reduces communication between you. You may suddenly find that you just don’t feel as close as you used to. Perhaps your partner resents the amount of time you devote to your business or perhaps they are wonderfully supportive but neither of you realised how critical that time together is to your relationship.

If you’ve reached this point, it’s time to take intentional action and plan out a way to prioritise your relationship.

If you haven’t reached this point yet, I really urge you to take intentional action now so your relationship always remains a priority.

We are strong, brilliant women. We are absolutely capable of juggling a million things. Our relationships need us to be all-star multitaskers. We just need a little strategy and organisation to help us along.


Let’s Prioritise!

I’m going to go ahead and assume that your relationship with your spouse or significant other is a massive part of your ideal future. The life you’re planning together is why you desperately want your business to be a success. So you need to nurture that relationship as much as your business. This means actively and with intention. Who wants business success if it destroys your most precious relationships in the process? Nobody!

With that in mind, I want you to think about things you used to do with your partner before you started your business. Write them down if you like. These things could be as small as chatting before bed or as big as going on holidays.

Can any of these activities slide back into your routine? What do you need to shuffle?


Make time.

Perhaps you can set aside one or two nights a week as ‘date night.’ No work. Purely focused, committed time for you and your spouse. Go out if you can or just have a quiet night in together. Grab a glass of wine and snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie together. Sometimes it’s just nice to sit and chat isn't it?

Another alternative is to give yourself a specific time each night where you stop working and focus on your relationship. My to-do list is never-ending so I could easily work through the night. I need to make myself stop to spend time with my husband and get enough sleep (though ‘enough’ sleep is a relative term with kids involved). So a few nights a week I stop working early enough to spend at least half an hour with my husband. Whether it’s chatting or watching a sitcom it’s time that I commit to him. Our relationship has regained its strength since I started doing both of these things and intentionally making time for us. It may sound small but it still matters.

Perhaps you could go for a short walk a few nights a week with your partner before you settle down to work. This would allow you time to talk and also get some exercise. Win-win!

Whatever you decide, make sure it’s meaningful time that builds up and strengthens your relationship.


One last thing.

Talk to your partner. Be honest and open and allow them to express how they feel too. Don’t be offended if they resent the time you spend on your business. Communicate openly so you can reach a compromise that prioritises your relationship without causing you massive stress over your business.


Wishing you balance and love,

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Michelle Meunier