3 Traits That Make Introverts Successful Online Business Owners

 3 Traits That Make Introverts Successful Online Business Owners. Here's 3 reasons introvert entrepreneurs can be powerful and successful online.


Do you ever get disheartened by the fact that everywhere online people are saying you MUST bust out of your comfort zone to be successful?

Have you doubted your ability to start or grow an online business because you’re not sure an introvert can be a successful entrepreneur?

Are you sick and tired of hearing that we live in an extrovert’s world?


I’ve been there. I understand the discouragement you feel as an introvert when it seems that the core of who you are is exactly what might be preventing you from achieving your dreams. But, if you can block out the noise, you’ll be relieved to know that being an introvert can make you an undeniably powerful entrepreneur. You just need to remember your strengths and quit expecting your journey to be the same as that of an extrovert entrepreneur.

YOU, lovely introvert, have exactly what it takes to run your own profitable passion based business.

So, consider this a reminder, from my heart to yours, of the 3 traits that can make introverts super successful online business owners.


#1: We don’t mind being alone

Introverts typically don’t mind being alone for a while. We enjoy our own company and actually thrive on time spent in solitude. It’s like our sanctuary. It’s what allows us to block out the noise and recharge our batteries. Of course we enjoy the company of others too but time spent alone is usually more positive than negative.

This is a powerful trait to have when you run your own online business because more than likely you will be a solopreneur. At least at the beginning of your career. This means that almost all of the hours spent working will be spent alone. This can be incredibly isolating but as introverts we’re built to deal with this pretty well.


#2: We like to think before we speak

Introverts are often mistaken for being quiet. While some of us are quiet, many of us are not. It’s just that we prefer to take time to think before we speak and we often shy away from group conversations. We like to know that what we say will be valuable and well thought out. Most introverts also prefer deeper conversations over small talk. These tendencies set us up perfectly for being successful business owners because the written medium of online communication allows introverts to take time to think about what they want to say.

That brings me to my next point.


#3: We’re better at written communication than in person verbal communication

Introverts are notoriously better at expressing themselves through the written word than they are in person. The ability to communicate effectively through writing is a crucial skill for entrepreneurs. Blog posts, ad campaigns, email newsletters, sales pages, social media posts. All of these things require effective writing skills. An introvert’s ability to express themselves thoroughly using writing is a very powerful trait to have as an entrepreneur.


There are many more traits that set introverts up to be great online business owners but these three are a great place to start. Remember that you are incredibly gifted and you do not need to change who you are in order to be successful.

Introverts can be entrepreneurs too.

Someone out there needs exactly what you have to offer so don’t allow doubts to halt your progress. Being an introvert is powerful if you are willing to embrace it.


Wishing you courage,

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Michelle Meunier