2 Myths That Prevent Introverts From Starting Or Expanding Their Business

 2 Myths That Prevent Introverts From Starting Or Expanding Their Business.


Do you have big, beautiful dreams but you’re doubting your ability to make them happen? Do you want to start your own online business or blog but it just seems as though the online world is made for extroverts?


Lovely introvert, you are not alone!

I’ve been there so I know the disappointment and overwhelm you may be faced with. Either you give up and don’t try or you keep pushing through but feel drained, anxious, misunderstood and stressed. I want you to know that it does not have to be this way.

Let’s be honest, the online world of entrepreneurship can be cruel to introverts. Everyone has an opinion about what you absolutely must do in order to be successful. In reality, this is just what worked for them. It may be fantastic advice but it does not mean it’s the only way to succeed. And it doesn't mean it's fantastic advice for you. It can be so easy to get lost in the noise online because people express their opinions with such force that you feel they must be right. That pressure leaves no space for introvert, heart-centered women to create their own path or even get started sometimes. It just builds overwhelm, exhaustion, stress and discouragement.

Today I want to bust the 2 most common myths that cause introverts to feel discouraged and stuck. I want to release you from the pressure you've been feeling and encourage you to seek progress on your own terms.


MYTH #1: You Must Bust Out Of Your Comfort Zone To Be Successful!


Do you feel like I’m yelling that statement? I’m so sorry! It’s just that I am incredibly passionate about this and I want to set your mind at ease right from the beginning. Please just give yourself a moment to soak up this truth because I know this is something that creates so much stress for introverts who want to start or expand their businesses. You truly do not have to abandon your comfort zone in order to be successful. There is another way.

Are you feeling a bit relieved? I know I was.

When I started my online journey I became really disheartened every time another business owner would say “you must bust out of your comfort zone if you want to be successful.” It made me doubt myself and doubt my ability to achieve my dreams. My confidence suffered and I felt overwhelmed.

I started my business as a way to improve my family’s future and also to connect and use my brain again whilst being a stay at home mum. Constantly feeling overwhelmed and out of my comfort zone would not benefit me or my family at all. It was a direct contradiction to the reason I wanted to have my own business in the first place. That’s when I decided to take a step back and find a way that felt good to me.

The thing that a lot of people don’t understand is that introverts find their strength in a very different way from extroverts. Our zone of strength is INSIDE our comfort zone. The tasks and pressure that extroverts thrive on can actually cause deep anxiety in introverts. This is why it’s not fair to expect introverts to achieve success in the same way as extroverts. Our brains are wired differently.

Accepting this truth will absolutely help you to feel stronger, more confident and more productive in your business. Allow yourself to work within your place of strength and please, please, please stop comparing yourself to extroverts. You can create your own path! This brings me directly to myth number 2…


MYTH #2: Everything Must Happen Fast

But why? Have you ever stopped and truly asked yourself why success must be achieved in such a hurry? I know we live in a society that loves instant gratification, but why is it absolutely essential to achieve success immediately? It would certainly be nice! Who doesn’t want that, right? And yes, it would be a big confidence boost. But is it necessary?

I do appreciate that some people have a deadline and need money fast, but for the majority of us fast success is more a desire than an actual need. If achieving this desire causes overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion that could actually be prevented by taking it a little slower, is it worth it? Perhaps you like a fast pace or perhaps you can battle through but expecting yourself to work outside of your natural rhythm puts you at a real risk of burnout. Unnecessary burnout. So release yourself from that pressure today and figure out what pace works for you.

Introverts typically like to think things through. Assess all the angles and mull it over until we’re comfortable. I want you to know that it’s ok to do this in business too. Giving yourself time to research, practice, build relationships and create a foundation that feels good to you allows you to slowly expand your comfort zone without becoming completely drained and overwhelmed.

Moving forward at a pace that works for you will allow you to function as your best self and present your best to your clients and audience. When you feel strong, you show up genuinely and this builds your own confidence as well as drawing other people to you. Don’t be afraid to do things at your own pace. Success will still come and you’ll actually be able to enjoy it rather than being completely overwhelmed by it.

I hope this eases your mind a little and gives you the confidence to embrace your introvert side within your business.


Wishing you strength and courage,

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Michelle Meunier